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NO. 84

Villa Azure

Villa Azzure, a refreshing fragrance with notes of bergamot, angelica and mandarin. Let yourself be seduced by the elegance of iris and the sweetness of vanilla, with accords of musk, guaiac wood and honey in the base notes.


NO. 40

Rose Médina

Explore the world of Rose Médina, a captivating fragrance with notes of bergamot, blackcurrant and raspberry. Immerse yourself in the intimacy of magnolia and peony, with accords of musk, vanilla and cedar in the base notes


NO. 77

Be Nomade

Immerse yourself in the world of Be Nomade, a fragrance that celebrates adventure. With notes of lemon, basil and nutmeg, let yourself be enchanted by leather and geranium. Discover a fragrance that embodies freedom and escape.


Dada. It is a bold olfactory language through which to express one's personality beyond codes, to explore horizons that are both simple and exciting.